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Physician Career Resources and Education

(Job board, contract negotiation tools, nonclinical careers, private practice, and more)

Our mission of physician empowerment includes helping doctors know their worth and providing tools to help them navigate the job search process and negotiate favorable contracts, as well as providing options for alternative career pathways in medicine including non-clinical careers. Recognizing that there are different seasons of a physician's career, we also want to provide resources to support physicians when changing jobs or careers. Below, explore our career related resources to help physicians create the life in medicine that works for them. 

Disclosure: This page contains information about our sponsors, as well as affiliate links, which support the group at no cost to you. These should be viewed as introductions rather than formal recommendations - please do your own due diligence before making decisions based on this page. We are not formal financial, legal, or otherwise licensed professionals, and you should consult these as appropriate. To learn more, visit our disclaimers and disclosures.


Physician job search resources
Resources for physician contract negotiations
Nonclinical careers for doctors
Resources for doctors interested in opening their own medical practice


Job Board


Our job board and job matching services aim to disrupt traditional job search and hiring practices by replacing current methods with a more physician-focused alternative without external recruiters or handing out physicians' contact information.

Explore job openings with private practices and hospital systems.

Getting Started on Your Job Search

We outline five key steps to ensure you find a job that is a good fit for you.

Free Educational Job Search Events​

Sign-up for future events and view replays of our job search and Q&As. (Note: you must be a member of our Physician Side Gigs Facebook group to view. Membership is free but limited to physicians.)

Working as a W-2 vs 1099 Physician

Both have advantages and disadvantages. Explore our articles below.

Should I be paid as W2 or 1099?

Tax deductions for 1099 doctors

Tax strategy for W2 doctors

Working For a Private Practice

Popular articles on a private practice career from our blog.

The pros and cons of private practice

Interviewing at a private practice



Negotiating a contract before signing can set you up for success while a poorly executed employment contract can cause additional stressors when stuck in a less than idea work situation. Explore all of our contract resources below to help empower you to negotiate the best deal.

Negotiation Databases


Our salary and negotiation databases are some of our most popular resources for our physician community. We provide compensation data from across the US for all expects associated with employment, from salary to on call structure to bonuses.

Note: you must be a member of our Physician Side Gigs Facebook group to access the databases. It's completely free to join, but only open to physicians.

Contract Attorney Database


Almost every physician should have their employment contract reviewed by a contract attorney before signing. Many of our partnered contract attorneys offer contract negotiation services to get the best deal up front to help ensure your future job is a good fit all around. They know what red flags to look out for and may be able to help you assess what current competitive offers are locally.

Free Educational Events

We have links to previous events on various aspects of contract negotiations. Please note: you must be a member of our Physician Side Gigs Facebook group to access replays. (Membership is free, but only open to physicians.)

Contract Negotiation Education

Check out some of our most popular pages or explore the PSG blog to dive deeper.

Contract negotiations & review primer

Understanding an RVU based contract

The noncompete clause in physician contracts


As burnout continues to be a concern in the healthcare industry, more and more physicians are exploring nonclinical career options that allow them to utilize their training and expertise while providing a more predictable schedule or less stressful environment.


We want to help empower every doctor to find the best work-life balance and career, whether in clinical medicine or not, but make sure you've asked yourself the key questions before leaving clinical medicine before making the transition to a nonclinical career as your frustration may be situational and not completely systemic.

Below are some of the most popular nonclinical careers for physicians.


Explore all our of our resources for nonclinical career options for physicians.

Explore some of our most popular nonclinical careers:



We are a huge fan of private practice and the flexibility and control it can provide physicians, especially with burnout as an ever present concern in healthcare. Though private practice has many advantages, running a small (or large!) business is not without its difficulties and isn't for all physicians. We aim to provide you will all the necessary tools to help decide on the best path forward in medicine for your aspirations. If private practice is for you, we want to help guide you to success as well.

Private Practice Primer for Doctors

Everything you need to start, run, and grow your medical practice, from credentialing to choosing a location and marketing considerations.

Free Educational Private Practice Events​

Sign-up for future events and view replays of our private practice webinars. (Note: you must be a member of our Physician Side Gigs Facebook group to view. Membership is free but limited to physicians.)

The Pros and Cons of Private Practice

The advantageous and disadvantages to owning or working for a private practice to help you make an informed choice on the best practice setting.

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