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Disclosure: Please note that although these are sponsored listings, we have made an effort to vet prior reviews of the firms listed here to the best of our ability and provide you with a place to start with your research.  As always, we do recommend doing your own due diligence to assess whether the firms listed are a good fit for you, and you should view this list as a warm introduction, rather than a formal recommendation for your particular situation. To learn more, visit our disclaimers and disclosures.

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Questions for recommended attorneys often come up on our communities, and this page is an attempt to connect physicians with resources that have been recommended by their peers.  We hope it's helpful! 

If you are a law firm that would like to be listed on this list, please fill out this form.  Please note that partnerships are based on synergy and vetting, and therefore not all partnership requests will be accepted.

Contract Attorneys

We are big believers that physicians should have their contracts reviewed prior to accepting terms, particularly in today's healthcare landscape, where physicians frequently find themselves in new situations with acquisitions, mergers, burnout, restructuring, and staffing shortages.  Below we have listed the names of some group sponsors who have been positively reviewed by our members.  

Local Contract Attorneys by State



North Carolina

  • Liz Vennum, JD, Hull and Chandler  - website

  • Heather Skelton, JD, Gardner Skelton - website

National Contract Review Firms That Can Review Contracts in Any State

Resolve is a national company that specializes in physician contracts so they're very familiar with compensation data, partnership agreements, things to look out with for call compensation, liability insurance, noncompetes, and more. They offer PSG members 10% off through our affiliate link by using code PHYSICIANS10.

Contract Review
Employment Issues

Employment Issues Attorneys


  • Jay Ziskind, JD, board certified health lawyer - website

North Carolina

  • Liz Vennum, JD, Hull and Chandler - website

Healthcare Law Attorneys

North Carolina​

  • Heather Skelton, JD, Gardner Skelton - website

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