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Physician Side Gigs Job Board

Working to bridge the gap between hospital systems and physicians by disrupting traditional job search and hiring practices, and replacing them with a more physician friendly, effective, and cost conscious solution

Do you have a job opening you want to advertise? Please see below.



Use the button above to search our current job board listings organized by specialty, which may include permanent jobs, side gigs, and locums positions.  Additionally, please see our side gigs section below for information on how to sign up for our locums, expert witness, telemedicine, consulting, and other side gigs databases to be notified when a relevant opportunity arises. Note that these are not usually advertised on the job board as they tend to fill quickly from within our databases.


We are also offering JOB MATCHING SERVICES for permanent jobs, in pilot mode. If you are a physician interested in being notified (by us, not by a recruiter) when a job relevant to you is listed, sign up here. We do not allow advertisers to access your information. See more details on the form.


Please see legal terms below.


We want to make it easier for our physician members to connect with the good jobs, including the ones that fill via word of mouth or aren't often advertised due to excessive costs related to the recruitment industry. Our job board cuts out expensive third-party recruiters and protects our members' private contact information, while helping them find jobs that fit their personal and professional goals in a transparent and efficient way.


We do not charge our physician members to be a part of our community or to be notified about opportunities. Unlike some comparable products, we do not sell your contact information, allow advertisers to download information about members, or reach out directly to our members. All decisions to engage to learn more are initiated by the physicians. We also encourage listings to be transparent with as much information listed about the job as possible, to avoid wasting your time in conversations about jobs you may not be interested in.

Why we don't permit individual job posts by members on the communities:  As our physician communities have grown in size (now encompassing 15-20% of the physician population), we've seen many individuals and practices wanting to use the groups to find jobs or to recruit physicians. Unfortunately, this can lead to a lot of posts, and we have also seen that with the way that Facebook algorithms work, the chances that a physician in a specific specialty and market sees a post about an appropriate job are slim but clog up people's newsfeeds. To help address these issues and keep available jobs easily searchable, we developed the PSG job board. 

Advertise on Our Physician Job Board


Do you have a physician job you would like to advertise on the PSG job board? We're happy to help. Please note that we do not charge our members to be a part of our communities, so we must charge for this service to offset the opportunity cost of getting involved.

Traditional methods of hiring physicians, such as third-party recruiters and generic job boards, are often costly and/or ineffective. We are looking to help disrupt the norm to develop a better solution for all parties. We currently offer both a job board and job matching services (the latter is in pilot mode).

Highlights of our physician communities:

  • Approximately 185,000 verified physician members (~15% of practicing physicians)

  • The vast majority of members are in training or in the 1.5 decades of practice, populations that are most likely to be seeking new jobs

  • Highly engaged members, with >80% of our members visiting the communities each week 



We offer special pricing to members of our physician online community who would like to advertise an opening at their private practice. While this opportunity does not allow you to post directly about the opportunity in the communities, our team will post about it via our group announcements as well as list it here on our job board. Please note that we do not allow this discounted pricing for jobs at your non-private practice jobs, and would require that the employer contact us for advertising.



We offer postings on our job board for hospital systems or corporate institutions looking to fill physician positions. For an additional charge, we can also offer a job matching service (in pilot mode), where we help connect you to physicians who have expressed interest in relevant positions matching your provided job description - see below for more details. 


Please note that our services allow physicians to reach out to you if they are interested in your position. We do not supply members' contact information for you to contact directly. We firmly believe this helps ensure more engaged and interested applicants to provide a win-win solution for physicians and institutions.

Job Matching Services (in Pilot Mode)


We recently piloted a job matching program for open positions at our members' private practices. During the initial trial, 2,500 members signed up for the program.

Information collected for physicians seeking job opportunities included:

  • Specialty and subspecialty

  • State(s) and cities of interest

  • Target practice environment(s)

  • Status (graduating trainee or practicing attending)

With our job matching service, employers provide the job description. Our team member runs a search of our database for physicians matching the job requirements. We then reach out to them with a warm introduction to contact the potential employer to learn more about the position.

Like our job board, the decision to contact is the physician's. We will not give any contact information directly to employers.

We can offer discounted pricing during the pilot programming phase, while allowing the ability to help structure the program to your specific needs.


On your form, let us know you are interested in our job matching services, and a member of our team will reach out to discuss options.

Physician Side Gigs Opportunities


Being a member of our Physician Side Gigs Facebook group gives you exclusive access to our databases for notification when we come across matching opportunities for areas such as:

  • Consulting (AI, medical device development, startup advising, pharma, etc.)

  • Expert witness

  • Locums

  • Telemedicine

  • Speaking

  • Writing

  • Brand Partnerships


If you're interested in being notified about opportunities of interest to you, please sign up for our databases to be notified about current opportunities (database signup is only available inside the physician only Facebook groups). We may also occasionally post about opportunities in the communities. Our weekly In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) group announcements provide information about current and upcoming opportunities, along with links to sign up for relevant databases. Group announcements are pinned to the Featured posts on the community's main page on Facebook. If you are having trouble finding a particular database of interest, let our team know within the Facebook group, and we will be happy to help direct you.

Your information on the side gigs databases will only be shared with a specific company or employer after you express interest in a specific opportunity and give us the thumbs up to connect you to the company offering that opportunity. You will only be contacted about projects that we feel are relevant to what you've indicated interest in and that appear to meet the criteria you outlined. 

Do you have a side gig opportunity you want to advertise? Please fill out our advertising form to get started.

Additional Job Search Resources


The Legal

If you use these services, you agree to the legal terms and conditions: Your use of this service is voluntary. We are piloting these as a service to members on both the employer and employee side, but we reserve the right to change and/or discontinue these services at any time and for any reason. We do not write the job descriptions. As such, we are not responsible for the content or accuracy of those job descriptions, their compliance with hiring practices, or any future correspondence you have the with hiring party. You are responsible for gathering your own information regarding a position prior to entering into any agreement with an employer or opportunity, and should seek appropriate legal or other expertise as necessary. We are simply an advertising outlet for employers to relay that they are hiring, and only serve as a point for connection.  You understand that we will charge job advertisers a fee for our time getting involved. You also agree not to attempt to profit from this service aside from securing a job for yourself. You may not use the information provided to you to solicit others to use or invest in competing products, services or companies.

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