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Mortgage Lenders for Physicians

(Conventional and physician loan lenders for doctors)

Doctors in our physician communities are constantly looking for recommendations for mortgage lenders for conventional and physician loan options. To help connect our physicians with these resources, we have partnered with the lenders below, who have been positively reviewed by doctors within our Facebook communities.

If you aren't sure where to start, we have included some of the most common questions we hear regarding mortgages below. You can learn more about mortgages on our guide to physician mortgages primer.


For an overview, we also have a home buying guide for physicians, as well as more specific resources on doctor loans, 15 year mortgage versus 30 year mortgage, and physician loans versus conventional loans.


The lenders listed below are also well versed in these topics and can help guide you through your decisions and figure out the best solution for you.

If you are also shopping for homeowner's insurance, check out our guide to buying homeowners insurance as a physician.

If you are a mortgage lender that would like to be listed on this list, please visit our partner with us page to learn more. Please note that partnerships are based on synergy and vetting, and therefore not all partnership requests will be accepted.

Disclosure: This page contains information about our sponsors, as well as affiliate links, which support the group at no cost to you. These should be viewed as introductions rather than formal recommendations - please do your own due diligence before making decisions based on this page. We are not formal financial, legal, or otherwise licensed professionals, and you should consult these as appropriate. To learn more, visit our disclaimers and disclosures.



Conventional mortgage loans and refinancing for physicians
Physician loan mortgage lenders





Credible has partnered with Physician Side Gigs to offer options for primary mortgages and mortgage refinancing. Explore options at through our affiliate link.  NMLS #1681276, in all states except NV, NY, UT,  and WA.




Fifth Third Bank: Tony Lupescu ( does physician loans. He can do doctor loans in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia. NMLS #224410.

Tony Lupescu
Fifth Third Bank



Central Bank of the Midwest: Brian Smith ( does physician loans in Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, and Oklahoma.  NMLS  #1452834.

Brian Smith
Central Bank of the Midwest



Wintrust Mortgage: Garrett Larkin ( and his associates do physician loans in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.  NMLS #945946. 

Garrett Larkin
Wintrust Mortgage



Whether you are house hunting for the first time, are considering refinancing, or are evaluating different mortgage opportunities, we have a wealth of resources to help guide you through the process.

What are the advantages to a physician loan? What are the downsides of physician loans?

Physician loans can help you buy a more expensive house or get into home ownership earlier by offering little or no down payment. This, however, can cause you to be 'house poor' if you aren't careful.

Explore pros and cons of physician mortgage loans in our guide to physician loans.

What is the difference between a physician loan and a conventional mortgage?

Physician loans have different requirements targeted to help doctors secure a mortgage who may not qualify for a conventional loan. For example, student loans have different considerations under a physician loan program. You can also qualify for a physician loan before starting a job by providing proof of a signed employment agreement.

Learn more about physician mortgages vs. conventional home loans for doctors.

Is a physician loan the best fit for me?

This depends on your financial situation and personal goals. Physician loans can be great for graduating residents and early career physicians relocating for new jobs.

Learn more about the physician mortgage loan and how to assess if it's the best fit.

How do I decide with mortgage offer is the best?

This is very situational dependent, but one factor to consider is the overall cost of the loan, especially if you have the funds available to put down a down payment. If you have a large amount of discretionary income, a 15-year mortgage can help accelerate your wealth building by minimizing mortgage costs.

Learn more about comparing 15-year mortgages, 30-year mortgages, and ARMs.

How much house can I afford? How do I know if I'll be "house poor"?

A few guidelines to help you determine how much house you can afford include:

  • Do not assume you can afford how much you get pre-approved for

  • Keep housing expenses (including mortgage, insurances, property taxes, and HOA fees) less than 20% of your household income

  • Your mortgage balance after your down payment should be less than 2x your gross household income

Learn more in our physician's guide to buying a house.

When should I refinance my mortgage?

A refinance, like an original mortgage, usually includes closing costs, so you want to make sure a refinance will save you more than the process will cost. Refinancing to a lower interest rate is usually the best reason to refinance. A mortgage amortization worksheet can help you determine how much in interest you can save with a refinance.

Learn more on our guide to mortgages for physicians.

In the current mortgage interest rate climate, does it make sense to put down as much as possible and pay my house off quickly?

With higher interest rates (7%+), it can make more financial sense to pay off your mortgage early to save on interest over the life of the loan, but the decision shouldn't be based purely on interest rates. The decision also becomes less of a slam dunk financially as interest rates drop.

Learn more about paying off your mortgage early or investing instead.

Additional mortgage questions from the community

Members of our Physician Side Gigs Facebook group (it's free to join, but you have to be a physician) can watch a replay of our 2024 housing and mortgage Q&A where a panel of our mortgage lending partners addressed several commonly asked mortgage questions and additional questions submitted by our community members.

Looking to learn even more?

Still have questions and not sure where to start? Visit our guide to mortgages for physicians. If your questions are situation specific or you're ready to start shopping mortgages and have questions related to the process or loan options available, our mortgage lending partners above can help.


Disclosure: This page contains an advertisement from a third-party advertiser, Credible Operations, Inc., which is licensed as a mortgage broker in some, but not all, states (see Information contained herein is provided for illustrative purposes only, without any representations or warranty as to its accuracy or applicability to you. All credit requests are subject to review and approval, and your actual loan terms will depend on your financial situation. Credible Operations, Inc. is solely responsible for the content of its advertisement and the services it provides.


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