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Partnership Opportunities With Physician Side Gigs

The internet's largest online physician lounge



Partnerships over dozens of different partnership lines


Members between our two physician Facebook communities


Renewal rate of existing partnerships


Physicians registered for alerts about new side gig opportunities


Average views on group weekly announcement posts


-> Highly Engaged Safe Spaces For Doctors To Discuss All Aspects of Life in Medicine

Membership is vetted and strictly limited to physicians. Topics vary widely, including merchandise and professional service recommendations, personal finance, investment, side gigs, clinical cases, career and personal issues, and more.

-> Quality Referrals and Conversion Rates

Our dedicated moderator staff is trained to reference our partners' services and products when appropriate. We also create educational content via our groups, website, and events, resulting in warm leads from trusted sources, without turning the groups into billboards. 


-> Win-Win-Win Relationships That are Physician First, Always 

Members and partners both benefit from the relationship, and the partnerships support our mission of fostering this free resource for doctors. Our vetted partners provide our members with special perks, discounts, services, side gig and job opportunities, and education.

-> Growth and Scalability

Our communities are growing daily, with > 20,000 people on the waitlist waiting to be verified. Our partnerships are regularly cited as an aspect the members value most about the communities, and website visits are increasing monthly!


Our vision is to continue to foster community amongst physicians with the goal of physician empowerment and adding joy to the lives of our members. If you can help us in this mission, please contact us through the appropriate inquiry form below. 


Please note that we do not sell or allow partners to access member contact information. We take the vetting of our partners seriously and try our best to connect our members with the best in their respective industries.

*If you don't see a category for your specific product or service, please reach out to our partnerships team through our general partnership inquiry form. See FAQs below for commonly asked questions.







Who Do We Partner With?

Our partnerships run the spectrum: side income opportunities, scrubs, shoes, meal delivery services, travel, private practice solutions, financial and legal services, investment opportunities, and professional development such as CME, board review, and language programs. Essentially, anyone that can make life in medicine easier, more efficient, or more enjoyable for our members.

All partnerships go through a vetting process to ensure success and benefits for all parties, with an emphasis on bringing partnerships our physician members are asking for.  We reserve the right to decline any partnership for any reason.

Please note that we are fortunate to receive many partnership requests weekly, and therefore, we are unable to take meetings or phone calls prior to assessing the information provided in the forms above for synergy.  We've found they are the most efficient ways to gather necessary information when assessing new partnerships, and appreciate your time completing this step.

Cost of Partnership

Given the breadth of partnership lines we offer and the variety of business models in each of these lines (merchandise is very different than a tech product, for example!), we generally don't have set partnership costs. We are happy to provide options after we receive the initial inquiry intake form and have an idea of your marketing objectives and budget.


Unfortunately, we are unable to offer free advertising (including startups or nonprofits) as each partnership requires vetting and energy on the part of our team, regardless of its profitability.

What Partnership Includes

Each of our partnerships usually includes:

  • Brand awareness and brand building with our continually growing communities

  • An announcement within the communities

  • Mentions by our dedicated moderation team into relevant community discussions

  • Listing on the website where appropriate

  • Ability to participate in group sales events such as Doctors’ Day and holiday sales


Additional Partnership Opportunities

Current partners may get access to additional advertising opportunities such as:

  • Dedicated, educational posts

  • Exclusive sales events

  • Event sponsorship

  • Website content sponsorship

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