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Personal Finance Course


Great intro book to the basics of investing philosophy, and topics such as the backdoor ROTH, ETFs, estate planning, and retirement accounts.

Student Loan and Mortgage Refinancing, Personal Loans, Retirement Plans, etc

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In Case of Emergency Binder

This binder is comprehensive and gives you piece of mind to hand things off to someone in the offchance that you are not able to. It's a binder or file that you save (can password protect) or print and store in safe that literally lists everything - retirement accounts, investment accounts, real estate investments, bills, medical forms, insurance information, etc. Highly recommend.  PSG affiliate link:

Backdoor Roth tutorial:

Physician on FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) has an easy, step by step guide to the Backdoor IRA, which is a great financial tool for physicians.  Check it out here:

This is an excellent online course created by the White Coat Investor, Jim Dahle.  It presents information in an easy, digestible format - while still being packed full of pearls that would take much longer to piece together from internet searches.  Highly recommended.  Topics include: Investment tools and classes, asset allocation, asset protection, real estate, retirement accounts, financial advisors, different types of insurance, student loans.  There are two versions of this, one of which qualifies for CME if you have CME money to spend!

Free Resources

There are so many great websites, including Bogleheads, White Coat Investor, financial blogs, podcasts, YouTube Channels, and others.  They offer forums and posts packed full of great FREE information.  Find one that matches your style and read up.

There are also useful free personal finance tools like Personal Capital, which allow tracking your net worth, savings and budgeting planners, cash flow trackers, retirement and education planning, employer plan analysis, and fee trackers.

Recommended Insurance Agents: 

Policy Genius is a convenient online way to compare rates amongst multiple lenders without having to call around.  They're well regarded in the space and have niche knowledge in life insurance, and can help you go through options.

Life Insurance: 

For disability insurance, recommend going with a company that knows concerns for physicians very well.  These are our sponsors, who thousands of members of the group have used and said positive things about.

Pattern for Life and Disability Insurance:  This convenient option will allow you to enter your information and immediately begin generating quotes from the major disability companies, as well as schedule a meeting with the Pattern team to discuss the options and figure out which plan is best for you.  Many in the group have had a great experience with this process.

Lawrence Keller of Physician Financial Services is wonderful, and can help with both disability and life insurance.  He has been doing this a long time and has a lot of experience.

Contact him at or by email at

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