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All Hands In

Join our Physician-Only Communities
With over 190,000 verified physician members

More information about each community below.

Our communities are free to join. Membership requests are vetted to ensure a safe space for our physician members (MD/DO/international equivalent only). If you're a physician, we welcome you to join and invite your physician colleagues!


If you are not a physician but interested in working with our members to provide side gig opportunities, resources for doctors, or have other ideas for collaboration, please fill out our partnership intake form.


Physician Side Gigs.png


Our side gig and business and finance group 

Join our online community of over 110,000 verified physicians, where we discuss:


  • Side hustles, medical and non-medical​

  • Business and finance skills

  • Practice resources and Private Practice Management

  • Physician Contract Negotiations

  • Investing, Personal Finance, and Alternative income streams

  • Passion projects

  • Nonclinical careers


Physician Community.jpeg


All things related to life in medicine

Join our online community of over 75,000 verified physicians, where we discuss:


  • Advocacy

  • Clinical cases and patient resources

  • Physician Burnout

  • Comic relief that only doctors would get

  • Support and a safe place to vent

  • Jobs Issues and opportunities

  • Changing the culture of medicine


"These communities are priceless. It's like doing a whole other residency in all the things somebody should have taught us during training."

- Female physician, 31

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