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Join Our Communities of over 165,000 physicians!

Our communities are free to join. Membership requests are vetted to ensure a safe space for our MD/DO/international equivalent physician members.  If you're a physician, please join, and invite your physician colleagues!


If you are not a physician but interested in working with our members to provide side gig opportunities, resources for physicians, or have other ideas for collaboration, please fill out our partnership intake form. 

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Physician Side Gigs

Our side gig and business and finance group 

Join our online community of over 98,500 verified physicians, where we discuss:

  • Side gigs, both related to medicine and not

    • Some examples: Telemedicine, locums, consulting, expert witness, real estate, writing/speaking, art, music, utilization management, and more!​

  • Business and finance skills

  • Practice Resources

  • Negotiations

  • Investing and Alternative Income Streams

  • Passion Projects

  • Nonclinical Careers

Physician Community

All things related to life in medicine

Join our online community of almost 66,500 verified physicians, where we discuss

  • Advocacy

  • Clinical Cases and Patient Resources

  • Burnout

  • Networking

  • Comic relief

  • Support and a safe place to vent

  • Jobs

  • Changing the culture of medicine

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“These communities restore my faith in the future of medicine and provide me comic relief after a hard day.  It's so great to have our own safe space to connect... like a virtual physician lounge.” 

- Female physician, 46

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