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Resources, Discounts, and Perks for Doctors

Curated especially for physicians

Our resources for physicians span many spaces - side gigs, investment, personal finance, private practice, compensation data, job search, CME, merchandise, and travel, just to name a few! Many of our vendor resources are associated with discounts and perks, so please check the pages for relevant info.  These are vetted to the best of our ability, but you should do your own research as applicable before electing to use them. 


We are constantly adding new resources and perks, so check back often for new information and discounts.

Disclosure/Disclaimer: This page contains information about our sponsors and/or affiliate links, which support us monetarily at no cost to you, and often provide you with perks, so we hope it's win-win. These should be viewed as introductions rather than formal recommendations. You should do your own due diligence before making decisions based on this page. To learn more, visit our disclaimers and disclosures.


Most popular physician resources from PSG
Travel perks and discounts for doctors
Discounts on financial products
Miscellaneous discounts for doctors
Real estate investing discounts
Private practice discounts
Physician career discounts
Merchandise discounts for doctors
CME and education discounts for physicians




Visit our financial education for physicians page for links to all of our educational information and resources.

Insurance for Physicians

Our partnered insurance agents for physicians have helped thousands of our members save money by shopping the most competitive options.

Mortgages for Physicians

Our partnered mortgage lenders offer competitive mortgage options for our members.

Student Loan Refinancing

Find our rate discounts and cash back through our partners on our student loan refinancing options page.


Personal Loans​​

  • Doc2Doc Lending: provides physicians with fast access to personal loans. Use our affiliate link at for a $100 cash rebate with any newly funded loan, a 0.25% discount if you use auto payment, and your first payment due date held for 30-45 days.

  • Credible: offers options for personal loans.  Explore options through our affiliate link  

Financial Advisors and Roboadvisors

High Yield Savings and High Yield Cash Accounts

  • SoFi offers a high-yield savings account:

    • Up to 4.60% APY*: Members with direct deposit can earn 4.60% APY on their savings
      and Vaults balances, and 0.50% APY on their checking balances.

    • Your money is FDIC insured. Plus, you can access additional insurance up to $2M on
      deposits through a seamless network of participating banks.

    • No account fees. No overdraft fees. No minimum balance fees. No monthly fees.

    • Get up to a $300 bonus.*: Start your savings off right. Collect a bank account bonus of
      $50 to $300 cash using our affiliate link, depending on your direct deposit amount.

    • *Terms and conditions apply at

  • Wealthfront offers a high-yield cash account:​

    • High-yield cash account with 5.00% APY

    • No minimum or maximum balance restrictions on APY

    • Zero account fees

    • Unlimited transfers & free same-day withdrawals 

    • Up to $8M FDIC insurance through partner banks ($16M for joint accounts)

    • Through our affiliate link​, Physician Side Gigs readers get a cash bonus of $30 for opening your first Wealthfront Cash Account and funding at least $500.

    • *Terms and conditions apply.  All products subject to approval.

Personal Finance Tracking Tools​

  • Empower ​is a free tool that offers a host of features to help you track net worth and plan for retirement. Empower Personal Wealth, LLC (“EPW”) compensates us for new leads. We are not an investment client of Empower Advisory Group, LLC.

  • YNAB (You Need a Budget): an impressive app laser focused on budgets. It's not free, but reasonably priced, and many of our members swear by it.

  • Simplifi: a budgeting app that lets you manage your finances in five minutes a week. Use our affiliate link for a free one-month trial.

  • Quicken: offers personal and business finance tools, perfect to help self-employed physicians and those with side gigs. Use our affiliate link for 50% off Quicken's suite of products.

Asset Protection

Anderson Advisors: offers asset protection tools. Use our affiliate link for a free strategy session.

Estate Planning

Emergency Binders - In Case of Emergency Family Binder  - Though these are not a substitute for estate planning, they can help your loved ones find information about how to access all of your important information (financial and retirement accounts, logins passwords, insurances, where important documents such as wills are located, etc) in the event that you are not able to. It's reasonably priced and provides peace of mind instead of leaving others scrambling to find information. The same company also creates Home Maintenance Binders.


Visit our real estate investing page for all our real estate education and resources.

Private REITS, Syndications, and Crowdfunding Platforms

DLP Capital offers private real estate funds with different structures and assets depending on your preferences. See more on our partnership landing page. You qualify for lower minimum investment amounts through their sponsorship of our real estate education series.

Real Estate Investing Courses

  • Many of our passive and active real estate investing courses offer special discounts to PSG members. Visit our real estate investing resources page to view them all.

  • BiggerPockets offers several bootcamps with excellent content and resources associated with them. Some of these are offered year round whereas others have special enrollment periods. Through our affiliate link, you can take 20% off of a Pro Membership with our discount code SIDEGIGS, which will give you access to better pricing on the courses as well!



Visit our private practice resources page for all our resources and perks

AI Scribes

We have a partnership with Abridge, founded by one of our physician members, where members can get 50% off AI scribing services, bringing the price down to only $99 dollars per month. You can try this free for one month without inputting payment information through our affiliate link with code PSG50.

Billing and Coding

Our partner Cosentus​ has been highly reviewed by several physician clients and has helped several of our physician members' private practices with their credentialing, billing and coding, revenue cycle management, and accounts receivable services. As part of a perk for PSG members, they offer a free professional billing and coding review as well as 5% off services through our affiliate link with the code PSG5OFF. 

Credit Cards

Visit our credit card page for the latest perks and incentives on rewards cards.

Credit Card Payment Processing

Square offers PSG members a hardware discount and an opportunity to explore lower processing fees through our group affiliate link.


Email Jennifer Lincoln at Blue Shift Licensing  at for 10% off of licensing and credentialing related services through our advertising relationship!  They are experienced and have helped so many physicians and companies get their licensing completed efficiently.


iPrescribe is e-prescribing tailored to your preferences to streamline the prescribing process, including fully compliant electronic prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS). Their desktop application offers flexibility with EHR integration. PSG members receive 10% off using our affiliate link with the code PSG102024.


  • Artillery designs attractive websites that are pretty reasonable in price (usually 2-5k depending on complexity). Mention PSG for $200 off.

  • Squarespace offers a really easy way to create websites with stylish templates yourself.  Mention code PARTNER10 for 10% off through our affiliate link.

  • Moo allows you to make business cards and other advertising materials. I get asked about these every time I hand them out. They are visually appealing and memorable. Get 25% off your first purchase through our referral link.

Office Furniture

Herman Miller makes highly rated furniture known for ergonomics. You get a 20% discount through our group affiliate link and discount code. In order to get the discount code, please go to this post on the group or post on the group as we can not list it publicly on the website.

​Virtual Employees

Edge Health provides college educated remote employees that work full time for your practice. They perform tasks such as primary or secondary phone support, billing, claims, insurance verifications, scribing, social media, and other tasks. Practices tend to use the services in multiple different ways. They are trained prior to starting in your office, and the cost is substantially less than what you would pay an in-house employee. To learn more about Edge's services and schedule a demo, and receive $500 off each of your first 3 months, connect through our affiliate link.


Quickbooks offers PSG members an exclusive 30% off discount on Quickbooks Online accounting software for your first 6 months using our affiliate link.


  • Gusto (affiliate link) has been highly reviewed by many of our members, and includes options for benefits.

  • Quickbooks offers PSG members an exclusive 30% off discount on payroll products for the first 6 months using our affiliate link.


Visit our physician career resources pages for all of our education and resources.


Email Jennifer Lincoln at Blue Shift Licensing  at for 10% off of licensing and credentialing related services through our advertising relationship!  They are experienced and have helped so many of our physicians and companies get their licensing completed efficiently.

Contracts and Negotiations

  • Our local contract attorneys database lists several local contract attorneys by state, many of whom offer special rates or discounts for PSG members
  • ​10% off with our advertisers at Resolve with code PHYSICIANS10. They are a national company that specializes in physician contracts so they're very familiar with compensation data, partnership agreements, things to look out with for call compensation, liability insurance, noncompetes, etc. 
  • See our databases of physician compensation data for permanent jobs, call, and locums (physician members of our communities only).

Job Board

  • ​View our open job listings (many of which are from our member private practices!) and/or advertise a job on our Job Board

Malpractice and Tail Insurance

  • Alera: Jason Shah ( is a physician who started a malpractice company, now under the umbrella of the Alera group - he's great and has helped quite a few members of the group with malpractice and tail insurance. Please mention that you're coming from PSG if you reach out!  




Explore discounts for scrubs, shoes, clothing, furniture, and more!



Visit our full CME resources page for all our discounts on conferences, courses, board review, and other educational resources.

  • Courses by our members, many of which qualify for CME, with discounts listed on our course creation page.

  • Oakstone: CME and Board Review.  Use our affiliate link for 30% off with code CMEPSG.  Exclusions: Insider and Practical Review

  • StatPearls: CME and Board Review. Use our code 'PhysicianSideGigs' for 15% off through our affiliate link.

  • BoardVitals: CME and Board Review. Use our code 'SIDEGIGS' for 15% off through our affiliate link.

  • UpToDate: 15% discount code (behind closed doors on the communities)

  • Baselang: $10 off per month on unlimited 1-1 Spansih tutoring through our affiliate link and coupon physicians10

  • Rosetta Stone: 50% off through our affiliate link

  • eMedCert: online ACLS/BLS/PALS certification/recertification through our affiliate link and 15% discount with code PSG15.  Please note online only courses are generally not AHA certified, and some hospitals will not accept non-AHA cards. They offer a refund if your hospital doesn't accept it, but to save you time, check with your hospital or employer if you are not sure what your hospital requirements are. There is also CME credit available.

  • Lippincott products: Save 15% on products on the Lippincott website through our affiliate link and code WPHYS15.  Product formats include: print books and journals, eBooks and online subscriptions, digital courseware and anatomical charts.


Visit our travel page for more information on all our resources and perks.

Galapagos Islands Expeditions

Quasar Expeditions offers amazing perks for our members, including a discount off published rates and free roundtrip airfare between Ecuador and the Galapagos or a free hotel night prior to your excursion. Use our affiliate link and make sure to mention code PHYSICIANSIDEGIGS when speaking to your travel specialist.

African Expeditions

Hornbill Treks & Safaris offers our members with exclusive benefits & discounts depending on your itinerary. Use our affiliate link and make sure to mention code PHYSICIANSIDEGIGS when inquiring.

Travel Credit Cards

Visit our credit cards page to explore the latest perks and rewards on travel credit cards.


Going offers PSG members 25% off subscriptions to track airfare deals for flights around the world. Use our affiliate link and special discount code PSG25.


Groceries and Meal Planning

  • Home Delivery Meal Services by Thistle. PSG members receive $120 off their combined first 5 weeks of orders, then 10% off future purchases. Use our affiliate link to get started.​

  • Instacart enables grocery delivery in as fast as 1 hour. Current promo (valid through 06/30/24): PSG members save $20 off your first 3 Instacart orders over $100 using the code creator20spring24 with our affiliate link. Check back for future promos.

Recommended Reading

Visit our page of favorite books from real estate investing to personal finances to member recommendations for fiction and books by our physician members!

Debit Cards for Children

Greenlight is like a debit card but has a way to also earn interest and invest. You can load the card with as much money as you want and your kids can keep track of how much they have to spend, etc. There's educational features in the app too. Use our affiliate link and check back for future promos.

Money Transfer Services

Remitly allows you to send money internationally. Use PSG Promo Code PSG10 to get a $10 discount towards your first transfer from US when you send at least $100 with the offer code PSG10. ‎New customers only. Offer expires 12/31/2024 at 11:59 pm PT or while supplies last. Limited time offer. Requires first transfer of $100 or more.

Moving and Storage

PODS: This is not a group sponsor/affiliate but they have offered a discount for our members in case it helps anyone.  Save up to 10% on moving and storage with PODS with promo code WORKSAVE10.  This includes 10% Off Local Delivery*, 10% Off First Month’s Local Storage*, and 10% Off Long Distance Moving*.  *Please call or visit the website for service locations. Must mention promotional code at time of order. Cannot be combined with any other offer. For local moves, 10% off initial local delivery fee and first month’s storage, except when better discounts are in place locally. Discount does not apply to any extended delivery fees, if applicable. For moves between two different PODS company-owned and/or franchise territories, 10% off first month’s storage, initial delivery, and the cost of long-distance transportation.

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