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Real Estate Investment for Physicians

(Real estate investment opportunities such as private REITs and syndications, plus real estate investing courses)

Real estate is one of our most popular side gigs for doctors with its passive income potential to add an additional revenue stream to help physicians build wealth and become financially independent. Several different real estate investment opportunities exist with varying levels of involvement and start-up cost. Whether you're hoping to invest in private REITs for passive income, take a real estate course to learn how to select, purchase, and manage a short-term rental, or are interested in multifamily syndications, we have resources to help. Many even include special perks and discounts for Physician Side Gig members.

If you are a real estate investing firm interested in a potential partnership, please visit our partner with us page to learn more. Please note that partnerships are based on synergy and vetting, and therefore not all partnership requests will be accepted.

Disclosure/Disclaimer: This page contains information about our sponsors and/or affiliate links, which support us monetarily at no cost to you. These should be viewed as introductions rather than formal recommendations. We are not formal financial, legal, or tax professionals and do not provide individualized advice specific to your situation. You should consult these as appropriate and/or do your own due diligence before making decisions based on this page. All investments carry a risk of loss. To learn more, visit our disclaimers and disclosures.



Private real estate investment trusts (REITS) for doctors
Real estate private syndications for physicians
Real estate crowdfunding resources for physician syndications
Passive real estate investing courses for physicians
Property investment courses for doctors


DLP Capital


DLP Capital offers private real estate funds with different structures and assets depending on your preferences. You qualify for lower minimum investment amounts through their sponsorship of our real estate education series.

Learn more on our partnership landing page.

View a replay of their previous real estate educational webinar.



RealtyMogul offers both crowdfunding for private syndications and Real Estate Trusts (REITs), providing exposure to over $7 billion in deals on their platform.

You do not need to be an accredited investor for their REITs.

View replays of their previous real estate educational webinars.



Fundrise can help you build a portfolio of private assets such as venture capital, private credit, and real estate with over $7 billion in their investment portfolio.

You do not need to be an accredited investor for their REITs.


Sovereign Properties


Sovereign Properties in a real estate investment firm specializing in development deals for multifamily apartment buildings via private syndication. They seek to provide passive income opportunities through real estate investing with a focus on affordable, quality properties that produce stable cash flow and long-term appreciation.

Learn more about the opportunistic investment strategy and view replays of their previous real estate educational webinars.




Crowdsteet offers commercial real estate investments around the country in many asset classes, including multifamily apartment buildings, commercial office buildings, medical office buildings, hotels, student housing, data storage, and more.


You must be an accredited investor.



RealtyMogul offers both crowdfunding for private syndications and Real Estate Trusts (REITs), providing exposure to over $7 billion in deals on their platform.


Open to both accredited investors and non-accredited investors.

View replays of their previous real estate educational webinars.



EquityMultiple provides options to help build and diversify your portfolio, starting with investments as low as $5,000.


You must be an accredited investor.


Multifamily Syndication Masterclass


Many physicians are excited about the idea of passive real estate investing, but either don't know where to start, get stuck in analysis paralysis with all the options available to them, or freeze when they're told to "do their own due diligence" before investing in a deal.


This course is taught by a group of experienced real estate professionals, including several physicians, and relevant tax and legal professionals. It goes over terminology, how to vet deals and sponsors, the life cycle of deals, and other relevant topics to get you up and running!


It is one of the best deals for learning about how to invest in syndications that I know. It is offered year round with occasional live Q/As and a 24/7 course community to ask questions on.


Use our promo code PSGFAMILY for an additional $100 off (current price $597, normally $1,800) when you use our affiliate link to enroll.


The Doctor's Course to Automating Your Real Estate Investment


A lot of physicians stay away from rental properties because of the perceived time commitment.  This course is taught by a general surgeon who actively managed 64 units while he was working full time and had a family, and who was able to achieve financial freedom through real estate. 


He walks you through his methods in four weeks titled Emergencies and Maintenance, Turnover, New Tenants and Money, and Evictions, Taxes, and Accounting. The information is practical; it's not meant to guide you in how to choose a real estate property, but rather how to deal with the day to day management - and regularly save or earn you money - through helpful tips and rules of thumb.


He also gives you access to all of his spreadsheets and forms for your personal modification and use. The course is significantly cheaper than most real estate courses and there is a satisfaction guarantee. Incorporating a few of these tips will save you far more than the course of the course.


Learn more about the course and sign up today.

Accelerating Wealth: The Short-Term Rental Blueprint


This popular course on short term rentals is taught by a married hospitalist couple who has achieved financial freedom through real estate.


The course walks you through a system for investing in short term rentals in any economy, focusing on distinguishing properties that are assets from ones that are liabilities. There is practical information on the business of short term rentals, the tax benefits, and how to find the right property. You'll learn how to analyze a deal, explore tax savings, maximize cashflow, and automate management to make it more passive. There is a 7 day satisfaction guarantee.


Learn more about the course and sign up today.

View replays of their previous real estate educational webinars.


MD Senior Living Academy


MD Senior Living Academy was founded to teach and motivate physicians to open their own Residential Assisted Living (RAL) care homes.


RALs are a unique investment niche designed to serve seniors in their Golden Years, with high quality assistive care to their activities of daily living. With physician ownership and oversight, residents in these RAL homes tend to thrive better, live longer and healthier, and score higher satisfaction scores from family members. Dr. Sendhil Krishnan co-founded MD Senior Living, which owns and operates over a dozen RAL homes in the Scottsdale area. The focus is on providing high quality care with nursing administration and physician oversight to ensure residents are served in a safe, dignified and compassionate manner.


The Academy was created to teach physicians on how to obtain financial freedom with their own RAL communities, while also sharing best practices, policies, and strategies freely across all homes.

(Use PSG affiliate link and code PSG150 for $150 off)

Creating Generational Freedom Through Investing in Real Estate


Creating Generational Freedom Through Investing in Real Estate is an immersive course and small group coaching program that helps physicians get started with long and short term rentals. It is geared towards those looking to start or scale their real estate portfolios with a focus on helping create your personalized strategy that’s aligned with your goals, resources and risk appetite (because one size doesn’t fit all). 


The course covers how to find and vet investment opportunities, financing properties, and running rental properties, as well as the business aspects of these, including accounting, asset protection, and tax strategies. It also provides you with mentorship and a community to discuss these topics and address your questions, as well as lifetime access to vetted investor agents and property managers throughout the country that can help you find and manage properties.  There are also limited limited 1:1 coaching spots for looking to accelerate their journey further.

  • As a special bonus for all Physician Side Gig members for enrolling through our affiliate link – you get to join both spring & fall cohorts on all live coaching calls – for nearly a whole year of mentorship & community to help you strategize and diversify into new markets with confidence and clarity, supporting you in your second (or tenth) acquisition

  • LIFETIME access to all updated educational content, worksheets, guides & vetted investor agents for long term and short term rentals in strong markets around the county

  • Educational sessions with guest speakers (real estate focused CPAs, attorneys, cost segregation experts, etc.) 

  • 30 day money back guarantee. If you feel the program isn't right for you, you get your money back - no questions asked. 

BiggerPockets Real Estate Bootcamps


BiggerPockets offers several bootcamps which though not specifically tailored to physicians, have excellent content and resources associated with them. Some of these are offered year round whereas others have special enrollment periods. Through our affiliate link, you can take 20% off of a Pro Membership with our discount code SIDEGIGS, which will give you access to better pricing on the courses as well!



Below, we cover some of the FAQs we often hear in our physician communities.

Learn more with more of our real estate investing resources:

What does it mean to be an accredited investor?

The most common criteria used to determine accredited investor status as an individual is a net worth greater than $1,000,000 (excluding your primary residence) or an annual income of $200,000+ ($300,000+ jointly if married) for the last two years, with a reasonable expectation of maintaining the same income level that year. (There are other ways to qualify as an entity or based on knowledge that you could look into if you don’t meet these criteria.)

What is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)?

A REIT is a passive real estate investing opportunity that allows you to invest in real estate without having to own or manage any individual properties.  Similar to syndications, REITs include income-producing real estate such as apartment buildings, hotels, and offices.

Learn more on our commonly used types of investments page.

What's the best way to get started in real estate investing?

Maybe it's the nerd doctor in us, but we really believe it's best to start with education. People are always going to try and sell you on investment opportunities. It's important that you have a basic foundation so you can decide what's best for you.


The first step on the path is to weigh your options between active and passive real estate, then decide which option(s) most interests and suits you and your current financial situation.

Explore the recommended real estate investing courses above and our recommended real estate investing books.

Learn more​ and dive deeper into each topic on our real estate investing for doctors primer.

Is it the right time to invest in real estate?

Most real estate investors will tell you it's always the right time to invest in real estate if you find the right deal. Real estate, just like any investment market, has cycles and different things are right at different periods. With higher interest rates, it may be harder to find the diamond in the rough deals that make sense from a cashflow perspective compared to when interest rates are low. But this may also mean there are more distressed properties and opportunity buys. Even in tough markets there are foreclosures, sellers that need to sell secondary to relocations or divorce, or areas of development and city growth that may mean something is a good opportunity. 


Learn more about assessing a rental property investment opportunity and its cashflow.

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