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Compensation Data for Physicians to Use In Contract Negotiations

(Salary databases, on call compensation, locums pay & more)

We are big believers in salary transparency. Having access to physician compensation data helps doctors better understand their worth and negotiate fair contracts. It is also an opportunity to combat physician burnout and the trend towards doctors leaving medicine because physicians feel under-appreciated or taken advantage of, or that their compensation just isn't 'worth it' anymore. Our salary and compensation databases are some of our favorite member resources, and questions about how much other doctors in their specialties are making or if a proposed pay rate sounds reasonable are commonly asked within our physician Facebook groups.


While there are several popular large physician salary databases utilized by hospital systems and other employers, many of them require buying expensive datasets or are difficult to access. Additionally, these compensation databases are rather generic, and don't allow doctors to compare salary and overall compensation with jobs that look like theirs. As we know, physician contracts vary according to practice environment (academic, private practice, hospital employed, governmental, etc.), payer mix, number of FTEs worked, and location and job market, amongst other factors. Our databases go into not just overall compensation, but details of employer type, call schedules, bonus structures, hours worked, what a typical day looks like, bonus structures, partnership offers, benefits, RVUs and wRVUs, and more, as well as include physician to physician advice about contract negotiations

We help to bridge this gap in access and uncertainty and to offer more transparency. Whether you are a graduating resident looking to understanding starting pay expectations for your specialty or a seasoned attending looking for a career change, our compensation and salary data list specific details of each job so you can make a more fair comparison and think about what an ideal contract looks like for you. They are free for our physician members to browse.

We've also compiled additional resources to help doctors better negotiate when considering a new job. We are strong believers in physicians advocating for the best possible contracts for themselves, avoiding red flags, and setting clear and fair expectations for specific scenarios such as noncompetes, tail insurance, job duties, and more. This can help foster better relationships for both employees and employers in the long run, as well as help prevent situational burnout or employment issues down the road.

Looking for a resource we don't offer yet? Contact us to let us know!

Disclosure/Disclaimer: This page contains information about our sponsors and/or affiliate links, which support us monetarily at no cost to you. These should be viewed as introductions rather than formal recommendations. Our content is for generalized educational purposes.  While we try to ensure it is accurate and updated, we cannot guarantee it. We are not formal financial, legal, or tax professionals and do not provide individualized advice specific to your situation. You should consult these as appropriate and/or do your own due diligence before making decisions based on this page. To learn more, visit our disclaimers and disclosures.


Physician compensation and salary data
Statistics on average doctor salaries by specialty of practice
Resources for negotiating physician employment contracts
Other job resources for doctors


In order to access our salary and compensation databases below, you must join our Physician Side Gigs Facebook group. It's completely free to join, but membership is open only to physicians.

If you haven't recently, please consider contributing to our compensation databases. The data is completely anonymous. These databases are hugely popular and are completely free, but in order to keep data fresh and relevant, and to help assess how much doctors are making by specialty, we need members who access the databases and who use our salary by specialty articles to also continue to contribute to them. The more data points you provide, the more useful the databases are for the entire physician community.

Please Note: 

1. This data is intended only for the use of the individual physician, with the intention to empower physicians, and not in be used in any collective way. The information is being provided for each individual to make independent decisions and is not for purposes of collusion or joint or collective group decisions, group bargaining, or group action. This specifically includes that it is not meant to be used by employers to collude against employed physicians, nor is it meant to be used by groups of physicians to collude or set prices.

2. Any distribution or replication of this data in any form outside of the Physician Side Gigs community is grounds for legal action. This database cannot be downloaded, copied and pasted, printed, or otherwise replicated manually, by memory, or otherwise. If you would like a colleague to be able to access the data, please add them to or have them join the Physician Side Gigs community, where they will go through our verification process as a physician. You may not attempt to benefit financially or reputationally in any way from this data except for using the datapoints to help you assess your market value in your life as a practicing physician.  You may not sell access to this data or quote this data in any outlet that results in financial gain for yourself. You may not talk to the media about the contents of this database. 

3. Please note that we can not verify that the submitted datapoints are truthful. They have been provided in a grassroots fashion by members of the community, and it is possible that a member provided information with exaggeration, ill intent, facietous intent, or otherwise. Keep this in mind before making any decisions based on information presented in this dataset, especially but not limited to if something feels like an outlier.

Salary and Compensation



Our salary data includes info not just on how much compensation is, and which specialty it applies to, but details of how much doctors make with their overall compensation package to help you negotiate, including:

  • Call schedules

  • PTO

  • Hours worked

  • Benefits

  • Bonuses (signing, relocation, etc.)

  • Admin/academic time

  • Partnership options

  • CME

We are working on deploying our new, updated database for 2024 but need your help collecting current data before compiling the latest data. Please consider contributing today!

Learn more about the statistics from our salary and compensation data for physicians and how much paid time off (PTO) and vacation doctors get.

Locums Compensation



This database includes information to help you get started as well as thrive in locum tenens. It lists information about

  • Pay rates physicians are receiving by location and specialty

  • Details of locums gigs

  • Experiences with different locums companies

Members have also included miscellaneous tips about locums that they've picked up along the way as well, such as tips for maximizing points rewards while traveling.

If you haven't recently, please consider contributing today!

Learn more about the statistics on locum tenens compensation for doctors.

On Call Info & Negotiation



This database provides a wealth of on call information, such as:

  • Whether physicians are paid for call

  • How much they are compensated

  • Whether call is mandatory

  • What the call schedule is like

  • If call is in house or from home

  • How often doctors go in

  • How you're paid when you go in

The database includes information about specialty, location, and the employer/practice type to help you find the most relevant data for comparison.

If you haven't recently, please consider contributing today!

Learn more about the statistics on on call schedules and compensation for doctors.




Using the anonymous data from our salary and compensation database above, we are building out a new series on our website where we feature aggregate salary data for doctors to look at how much doctors make by each specialty. We look into how average salaries differ based on factors such as:

  • Gender

  • Hours worked

  • Practice environment

  • State of residence

  • Sub-specialty

You can start with our overview of how much do doctors make by specialty article, then dive into each separate specialty's dedicated page on the website using the links below. You can also explore the latest updates through the Compensation Data section of our blog, or by following us on Instagram.

In a specialty you want to see featured? We need a certain number of data points for each specialty to make sure we're providing relevant statistics. Please contribute (link above) to help us provide this information for you and others in your specialty.

Physicians currently doing or interested in locum tenens work can also explore the average hourly locum tenens pay rate for physicians by specialty.


Contract Attorney Database


Almost every physician should have their employment contract reviewed by a contract attorney before signing. Many of our partnered contract attorneys offer contract negotiation services to get the best deal up front to help ensure your future job is a good fit all around. They know what red flags to look out for and may be able to help you assess how much other doctors in your local area are making.

Free Educational Events

We have links to previous events on various aspects of contract negotiations. Please note: you must be a member of our Physician Side Gigs Facebook group to access replays. (Membership is free, but only open to physicians.)

Contract Negotiation Education

Explore PSG resources on contract negotiations throughout our website

Contract negotiations & review primer

Physician Contracts: The noncompete clause

Understanding RVU Based Contracts

PSG blog


PSG Job Board


We hope to disrupt traditional job search and hiring practices for doctors. Our job board and job matching services aim to replace current methods with a more physician-focused alternative without external recruiters or handing out physicians' contact information.

Explore job openings with private practices and hospital systems.

Looking for additional resources during your job search? We can help.

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Browse the career section of our blog for additional articles on topics often asked about on our communities.

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