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About Physician Side Gigs


An online physician community of over 185,000 physician members

70% of physicians wouldn't recommend a career in medicine to their children.

40% of women physicians cut back or leave medicine entirely within their first 6 years of practice.

It costs an employer on average $500k-$1 million everytime a physican changes jobs.

25%-50% of physicians want to leave clinical medicine in the next few years, worsening the physician shortage.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to be a physician in today's healthcare environment.


From rising physician burnout, increased pressure to do more with fewer resources, decreasing reimbursements, less time with patients, the spread of disinformation on the internet, the need for more business and finance education, and more, having a successful professional career requires MORE than just good clinical skills.


Our physician communities were created to address these issues.

We believe in the power of physicians supporting and empowering each other through a collective cloud of experience and expertise.  Whether it's related to personal finance and business skills, help with challenging cases, support related to situations only their peers would understand, or sharing fun anecdotes, our communities help bring back the joy in practicing medicine.

But why 'side gigs'?


Well, our platforms have grown to well beyond side gigs, but the name has stuck.  That said, side gigs serve many purposes in addition to creating additional revenue streams.  They allow people to explore other interests which they can pursue on their own terms, result in networking opportunities that can lead to friendships and additional opportunities, and can provide added flexibility and work life balance.  Each of these is critical to living life in medicine on your own terms.

A hub for connecting - to each other and the outside world.


As we've grown, our mission has grown. We now discuss all topics related to life in medicine on our communities.

  • At ~180,000 verified physician members, we are the largest physician-only Facebook community in the US (15-20% of the practicing physician population), who support each other daily, personally and professionally

    • >80% of our members interact with the communities every week, with over 30% saying they access the communities multiple times a day

  • >100 partners and sponsors supplying our physician members with jobs, side gig opportunities, educational resources, perks, and other vetted resources to help them navigate their life in medicine with a little less stress and a little more fun

  • Multiple monthly educational events on finance, entrepreneurship, health tech, the business of medicine, advocacy, and investing

  • Special sales events for our members

  • >45,000 physicians on our side gigs databases seeking opportunities for supplemental income streams

​We believe our grassroots community is uniquely situated to impact the delivery of healthcare, health policy, health tech and innovation, and change the culture of medicine. We hope to leverage the community to improve healthcare for physicians and patients alike, and often participate in advocacy efforts on the institutional, local, and national levels. 

We are physician first, always.


nisha headshot 2.jpg
  • Nisha Mehta, MD
  • Nisha Mehta, MD
  • Nisha Mehta, MD
  • Nisha Mehta, MD

The group was started in 2016 by Dr. Nisha Mehta, a radiologist, physician advocate, and international keynote speaker who writes and speaks about life in medicine.  She was named a 2020 LinkedIn Top Health Voice, and she is regularly featured on international media as a voice and advocate for physicians. 

As a member of a dual physician family and the daughter of a physician, the trials and triumphs of physician life are personal to Dr. Mehta.  She has benefited immensely both personally and professionally from her own personal physician community, and wants the same for other physicians in an increasingly challenging healthcare landscape.

Dr. Mehta's mission is to empower physicians, address physician burnout to enhance career longevity, and impact the future of healthcare.


This website and the Facebook groups were created to foster an exchange of information as well as provide education and resources on business and finance.  On a daily basis, there are countless examples of the power of connection through these resources.

Please connect with us if you can help us pursue this mission!

Nisha Mehta, MD

Founder, Physician Side Gigs and Physician Community

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