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Nisha Mehta, MD


Founder, Physician Side Gigs

The group was started in 2016 by Dr. Nisha Mehta, a radiologist and physician advocate who writes and speaks about life in medicine.  Her online communities have membership totaling almost 119k physicians. 


PSG has grown to over 74,500 verified physicians, many of whom are actively pursuing passive revenue streams, looking to gain business and finance skills, or who are developing passion projects.

The exploration of side gigs amongst physicians has increased over the past few years, as rates of physician burnout rise and as physician demographics evolve.

Physician side gigs serve many purposes in addition to creating additional revenue streams.  They allow people to explore other interests which they can pursue on their own terms, result in networking opportunities that can lead to friendships and additional opportunities, and can provide added flexibility and work life balance.  For these reasons and so many more, many of our members are interested in learning more about the opportunities available to them.  This website and the Facebook group were created to foster this.

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