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Welcome to our virtual physicians' lounge - for us, by us.

We empower physicians with the tools we didn't get in medical school.

Our physician communities empower physicians and combat burnout in an increasingly challenging healthcare landscape.  Physician Side Gigs focuses on business and finance, and Physician Community on life in medicine.

Through daily discussions and educational content, the communities offer a real time platform for physicians to come together and offer camaraderie, support, and collective expertise across personal and professional realms of physician life.

Started in 2016 by Nisha Mehta, MD, this physician only community spans gender, specialty, and stage of practice, and is growing by thousands of new members per month.
  • 171,500+ verified physician members in our online communities

  • Vetted resources

  • Databases to connect physicians to side gig opportunities, such as consulting, expert witness work, telemedicine, locums, and more.

  • Business and finance education

  • Grassroots Advocacy

  • Member discounts and perks


Browse some common physician side gigs.


Connect with each other on the Facebook groups!


Resources (and discounts!) to help with life in medicine.


Contact us for partnerships or side gig opportunities for our members.

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