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These are resources created for our members to help match them to jobs or side gigs.  It is free to be listed on the seeking side.  Please note that we do charge those who are advertising positions for the opportunity cost of our time in getting involved.  We do not share these lists outside of our group employees who will perform the match, and you will be emailed asking if you are interested by us, not by the person seeking to advertise, so your contact information will not be given out unless you ask us to directly in relation to an opportunity.  

If you would like to advertise a physician position for your personal medical practice, please go here


If you would like to advertise any other opportunities related to the databases below, please go here.

For more help during your job search, check out our starting your physician job search page.

Please see legal terms below.


The Legal

If you use these services, you agree to the legal terms and conditions: Your use of these forms is voluntary. We are piloting these as a service to members on both the employer and employee side, but we reserve the right to change and/or discontinue these services at any time and for any reason. We are not a formal job board and do not write job descriptions. As such, we are not responsible for the content or accuracy of those job descriptions, their compliance with hiring practices, or any future correspondence you have the with company. You are responsible for gathering your own information regarding a position prior to entering into any agreement with an employer or opportunity. We are simply an advertising outlet for employers to relay that they are hiring, and only serve as a point for connection. Nobody outside of our team at Nisha Mehta, MD LLC will have access to the data collected on this form. You understand that we will charge job advertisers a fee for our time getting involved. You also agree not to attempt to profit from this service aside from securing a job for yourself. You may not use the information provided to you to solicit others to use or invest in competing products, services or companies.

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