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Student Loan Refinancing

Splash Financial: Splash Financial has partnered with Physician Side Gigs to a $500 cash bonus to its members who refinance. Splash was originally founded to help physicians, so there is no maximum loan limit.  Checking your rate does not impact your credit score, and the entire application can be completed online.  Splash also offers the option for residents and fellows to refinance and pay $100 a month during training.  Members must refinance at least $50k to receive the $500 bonus.  Do so here (affiliate link) at

SoFi: SoFi has partnered with Physician Side Gigs to provide a preferential rate discount to our members, which over the course of a loan repayment, can save you thousands given the average amount of debt carried by most physicians coming out of training.  SoFi is a leading student loan refinancing provider and evaluates borrowers holistically to offer low rates.  You can check your rate in 2 minutes with no impact on your credit score at, and must sign up through this (affiliate) link to qualify for our preferential rates. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to (833) 277-7634 or

Disability and Life Insurance

I highly recommend Lawrence Keller of Physician Financial Services.  He and I were speakers together at the WCI conference and he has been in the industry for a long time.  My family has personally benefitted from his expertise.  You can email him here.

Contract Negotiation

If you're looking for an attorney to review your contract (which I highly recommend, as even a simple oversight in regards to compensation structure, noncompete, tail insurance, etc, can end up costing you a five figure amount or more), I recommend checking out Resolve.  They've been rated the #1 company by physicians and review over 1000 physician contracts a year.  You can browse their packages here, and for a 10% discount, enter the code PSG10.

In Case of Emergency Binder

This binder is comprehensive and gives you piece of mind to hand things off to someone in the offchance that you are not able to. It's a binder or file that you save (can password protect) or print and store in safe that literally lists everything - retirement accounts, investment accounts, real estate investments, bills, medical forms, insurance information, etc. Highly recommend.  PSG affiliate link:


Artillery ( that makes attractive websites (in my opinion) and is pretty reasonable in price (usually 2-5k depending on complexity). This is great for side gigs and basic practice needs. If you contact them and mention PSG you get $200 off.

Med Rank Interactive ( is a comprehensive website service geared towards medical professionals - they design websites, do the SEO, social media, reputation management, etc.  - if you mention PSG they do a comprehensive website analysis where they figure out how to improve the website, SEO, etc for free.

Physician Mortgages

5th 3rd Bank: Tony Lupescu (can do loans in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio,Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Wisconsin)

Retirement and Pension Plans, including Defined Benefit Plans

Shore Tompkins Actuarial Resources - I interviewed several companies and found them to be extremely knowledgable with efficient service. Mention PSG or Nisha Mehta, MD for $250 off.

Business Cards

I use MOO, and get asked about these cards every time I hand them out.  They are visually appealing and memorable.

Medical Billing and Coding

The group may be about side gigs, but you definitely want to make your main gig as a physician as profitable as possible!  This course goes over the basics and complexities of medical billing and coding for the very reasonable price of $249.  Also you can get an additional 10% off by entering the promotion code 'sidegigs' at checkout.  Get more info here

Locums course

Dr. Cory Fawcett has put together a very comprehensive course on how to approach 'locums life,' with everything from how to get gigs to how to maximize your 1099 benefits to how to best use rewards programs and more.  Check it out here.

Disclosure: This page contains advertiser info and affiliate links, which support the group, but I'd recommend them regardless!


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